Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures with Ms Ruth Barringham, my reviewer of Discover Your Leadership Style

Just a few pictures that I want to show, with regards to some mentors who have helped make me a much better author and leader. Their zest in life towards sharing their passion and knowledge is indeed humbling.

I flew down to Brisbane, Australia with my family, in

December 2010 to meet Ms Ruth Barringham. She is the co-author of The Wealthy Writer, together with Mr Nick Daws and author of Self Publish Worldwide.

What truly humbled me when I met up with her was that she also invited her daughter and husband to meet me and family. With absolutely no airs, she has also been my mentor from down under, advising and guiding me from the internet.

All thanks to her that I have found new skills in marketing my book!



  1. Wow Mark. I think it's me who's humbled by your kind words. It was a absolute pleasure meeting your and your family and I really enjoyed the afternoon we spent together. I just wish I'd smiled when the photo was taken instead of pulling a very cranky face.

  2. haha... that's not a cranky face! That's a poised style!