Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pictures with Mr Adam Khoo, my reviewer of Discover Your Leadership Style

Just a few pictures that I want to show, with regards to some mentors who have helped make me a much better author and leader. Their zest in life towards sharing their passion and knowledge is indeed humbling.

I presented the book Discover Your Leadership Style to Mr Adam Khoo, author of several books, including, Secrets of Self Made Millionare and Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny.

Mr Adam Khoo is truly amazing. Even though he is a multi-millionaire, he was willing to set aside time to write a testimonial for my book... from scratch! It also helped that my senior in school, Mr Gary Lee, is Head Training and Development in AKLTG. Incidentally, Mr Gary Lee also wrote raving reviews for my book.

Now I must state that I only knew Mr Adam through Gary. I have only read his books and by virtue of that fact, I took massive action to change my life. Can you imagine what happens if you truly went through the entire programme of Paving The Way to the Top?

Great things will happen not to those who only dream. But to those who took massive actions.


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