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Product Review: Adam Khoo's Paving the Way to theTop

Adam Khoo had a goal. He wanted to be a millionaire. And he achieved it by the time he was 26 years old. Not only that – he was a best-selling author to boot.

How would you like to follow in his footsteps? You can! 

In Paving the Way to Success, Adam will tell you exactly how he did it. In 6 CD-length audios, Adam gets grilled by his business partner Stuart Tan, and he really spills the beans.

Stuart is an excellent interviewer, and with his friendly and personal style, he gets Adam to open up and tell the whole story, in detail, with plenty of step-by-step advice that you won’t find anywhere else.

Still intimidated? Don’t be. 
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Adam was no wunderkind. In fact, at one point, he was a pitiful student and failed to be accepted at all but the very lowest-level schools, where he promptly sunk to the very bottom of the class. He was a loser by any definition.

But he didn’t stay a loser for very long. His life changed when he discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP, which he studied voraciously and diligently applied to every aspect of his life. And with that, the loser turned into an over-achiever.

He became a top student within a very short time, started several successful businesses, including one where he taught thousands of students how to be successful in school (notice the irony here?), became a sought-after speaker, and wrote his first of many best-selling books by the time other young people haven’t even finished college.

And in this audio program, he shares with you exactly how he did it, and gives you the steps that can help you do the same thing.

Here are the six sections of the course:

1. Success Psychology: Selling and Influence
2. Becoming a Best-Selling Author
3. Building and Running a Business
4. Driving Yourself to Success
5. Becoming a Millionaire Pt. 1
6. Becoming a Millionaire Pt. 2

Sound intriguing? It’s great stuff! 

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In the first part, Adam talks about how he got started, and it
quickly becomes clear just how much the mind affects our ability to achieve our dreams. Adam found that most people hold themselves back, and discount their own talents. They also feel that things that come easy couldn’t possibly be worth much, and, well, the things that are hard for them are generally not the ones they get good enough at to really achieve success. I bet this sounds familiar. Well, Adam made it his mission to turn that attitude around.

In the Success Psychology section, he covers all that and more, including how to sell, the difference between selling to different customers and how to convert them. He also covers another key issue that often holds us back: How to deal with rejection. How many times have you given up after having been rejected. Adam helps you get over it.

I find that the most inspirational aspect of all of Adam’s courses is that he has done it himself. And Paving the Way to Success is no exception. The step that got me especially excited was step two: Becoming a bestselling author.

Adam wrote and published his very first book, “I Am Gifted, So Are You,” when he was only 24 years old. Not only that, but it also became a national bestseller. And before you start feeling intimidated, he immediately puts you at ease as he breaks down the seemingly overwhelming process of writing a book into the basic components: One article or chapter at a time.

And lest you may still feel daunted by the time and effort involved in writing a book, he goes on to really motivate anyone who might still want to hang back: he talks about the unbelievable benefits of publishing books:

There are the financial benefits, of course, and those are really impressive, especially since they have the potential of turning into long-term automated streams of passive income. As he and Stuart walk through a number of examples, the potential becomes really mind-boggling.

Another key benefit is the kind of credibility you can get almost automatically when you’ve published a book. It becomes clear very quickly that any work invested in writing a book is very much worth it. And you don’t have to be a big expert to do it either. Adam is wonderfully encouraging, saying that everyone really has at least one book inside them, and he also provides a step-by-step blueprint.

But a book is only worth so much unless you have a business to go with it, and so Adam and Stuart proceed to cover how to build and run a successful business. Adam himself owns three businesses that together pull in more than twenty million dollars. There’s no job in the world that pays you anywhere near the kind of money you can make from owning a successful business. So if you have any kind of financial ambitions, owning your own business is a must.

However, owning a business does not mean doing it all by yourself. Adam gives some great advice on how to find the right partners to help you run it. He even has great advice on which industries are the best ones to pick for your new business.

By now, you’re probably very excited about the potential, but you may still wonder how to get yourself to actually do what it takes. Well, Adam shares his own strategies here as well. He shows you how to stay focused and motivated, how to do what it takes, and especially how to overcome the big bugaboo, procrastination.

Finally, in the two part grand finale, Adam provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a millionaire. He quickly dispels the myth that it takes an insane amount of work. To the contrary. His principle is much more on the side of working smarter and not harder. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no idea how to play that game, but if they
listen to this tape, they’ll find out quickly, at least most of the key principles.

You’ll even learn about the stock market. One of the many millionaire secrets that Adam shares is this one: All really rich people have multiple streams of income. And so he provides you with an in-depth survey on how to set up those additional income streams, especially those you can build online. And last but not least, he shares how to hang on to the money you’ll earn.

In terms of what specifically you’ll get: six CD-length downloadable mp3 files as well as the transcriptions of the conversations, a special summary report on how to focus your energy, plus a motivational bonus book called “If I Can, Anybody Can” that will keep you going when you encounter a rough spot.


All in all, this program is a great combination of solid information and secrets shared in a comfortable fire-side chat. The friendly format makes it fun to listen to and gives you a glimpse of a more personal side of millionaire Adam Khoo than you may get in some of his other programs and books.

And that may well the most motivating thing of all since it reminds us that if he can do it, we may be able to pull it off as well, and even if we don’t make it all the way to the millionaire level, we’re bound to make significant progress, especially with all the info in this course.

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Chew Mark

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