Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Discover Your Leadership Style Interview on 938 Live

In the following 938LIVE radio feature and interview, Pamela Ho, Joel Chua and I discussed about the leadership styles of people and how understanding your leadership style can help you succeed in the strategical aspects of business.

You will learn:

1) That these leadership principles are applicable for anyway who desire to learn and improve themselves. From student leaders, to business owners, to athletes.

2) That Leadership is an Art in which one must find a balance.

3) Honest sharing of past feedback which will change you for the better!

4) The secret between a Great Leader vis a vis that of an average Joe

Part 1

Mark Chew, Pamela Ho and Joel Chua on 938Live, The Living Room.

Part 2

Mark Chew, Pamela Ho and Joel Chua on 938Live, The Living Room.

Live Interview with 938 LIVE, The Living Room

It was a great interview with 938Live, The Living Room, on the 13th Dec 2010.

As it was my first live interview, I felt my mind racing in the first half of the interview. And I could actually "hear" myself talking!

I felt that I was answering the questions posed by Pamela Ho and Joel Chua, too quickly, and I may not have answered them directly.

Nonetheless, hindsight is always perfect, and along the next few weeks, I would dissect that interview, and share with all of you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Discover Your Leadership Style

1st Dec 2010. A date that I would always remember.

It was the day that my publisher, passed me by book cover, and told me it would be distributed to major bookstores by Christmas day!

Wow... finally!

Currently, I am also preparing for more activities so that more people would know about the book.

Have already secured a live interview with Singapore's premier news station,938fm Live, The Living Room, so please listen out for it!


Chew Mark, Basic PLUS Author