Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GIants of Asia Series

The Giants of Asia series is the latest leadership book that I am reading so that I can understand more about the great minds of our Asian Leaders.

The author, Tom Plate, tries to reach into the psyche of these two great leaders who managed to transform their third world countries that was handed to them by the British in 1965, into the developed economic powers that you see today.

Describing both ‘Giants of Asia’ as two peas in the proverbial pod, Mr Plate pointed out that they actually have much in common despite their sometimes cold relationship.

They worked out daily for health benefits, and often have to make painful decisions for the better of their country men.

While they have both made hard decisions that many of us, Singaporeans or Malaysians would complain or whine about, but then again, would you be able to make a better decision than them in that particular scenario?

What is undeniable would be their vision for their respective countries, and their determined attitude to ensure that their countries were not left behind in the economic upheavals of the post war period.

As a Singaporean, I am often faced with many pressures and stress such as a high standard of living and highly-strung education system. But I tell myself, "Why whine? Did I whine when I was out searching for MSK (mas selamat kastari)back in the army? If I had to go out and lead my company and whine, would that solve any problem? No! I did it because it was my duty to ensure that he wasn't in our training area!

Therefore instead of focusing on the "troubles" that we face in current live, I am very focused in making a change in first myself, and thereafter for people to see and learn.

So, what we can learn from these two giants is really great leadership management, and I am determined to come up with a book that can capture their leadership essence so as to relate it to the younger audience. In the meantime, do enjoy these books!

The books ‘Doctor M: Operation Malaysia’ and ‘Citizen Singapore: How to build a nation’ both written by Tom Plate is available in major local bookstores.

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