Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learning Through My Baby's Eyes

It had rained heavily the whole day, and by the time the rainfall tricked to a slow drizzle, it was last light. I really wanted to take my baby girl out for a stroll, so I carried her and brought her down to the barbeque pit area of my house to show her around.

She stared at the leaves of the bamboo plant, and was absolutely fascinated with the water dripping off the thin bamboo leaves. As I touched each leaf, the drop of water that had formed in each leaf fell magically to the ground. She squealed in delight. Such simple things in life thrilled her!

I then thought if it was possible to always be there to watch her grow during every stage of her life? 

I want that freedom of time to do so.
I want that freedom to enjoy time with my loved ones.

I want that freedom of mind to enjoy time without having to worry about finance and health.

Then I smiled at her. Cause I realised that I've started to build my pipelines that will enable me to do all these.

And I can see it in the near future.

Have you? :)


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