Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learn to Share and You would Gain More in Return.

After church service last night, I listened to the teachings and it inspired me to share with all on this. Enjoy.

Nick opened his eyes and was surprised to see a figure with bright lights surrounding it, standing in front of him. Was he in heaven?

"Don't be afraid, Nick. I'm your Angel and I'm here to show you a vision"

Angel brought Nick to a big wooden door and gently pushed it open.

It was a big banquet hall with delectable and sumptuous food laid before the guests. However there was only ONE available long wooden spoon that the guests could use to feed themselves. However, every guest in the hall looked scrawny and ravenous. They were also fighting aggressively for that one spoon so that the winner can use it to feed himself. It seemed strange that they couldn't just reach out to grab the food to feed themselves.

Nick was puzzled, and asked Angel, why this was so. Angel shook his head and merely nudged Nick to proceed. He then closed the door and led Nick to the next.

As the next door was opened, Nick could see that this was exactly the same banquet hall with delectable and great food laid before the guests. There was also only ONE available long wooden spoon for the guests. However the only difference was that the guests in the hall looked very healthy and well fed. There were happy faces all around and they were all aglow with laughter and joy.

Nick was puzzled and asked his Angel for the reason.

Angel looked at Nick with love in his eyes and replied, "Because they fed each other with that one spoon."

Nick stood there silently and Angel smiled and added,"Learn to share, and you gain more in return. Because it's in giving first that you'd receive."

Moral of the Story
This is the same with many things in life. Many of us think that we should get the first bite of the pie and all knowledge should be retained for ourselves.

It takes a more discerning mindset to understand that it's by sharing that you gain more.

Essentially, it's the sharing of knowledge that I'm focusing in this posting. Once you learn how to share with knowledge of your expertise with others, they would benefit and you would too.

After all, success is like a library. Everything you ever wanted to know and learn about success is out there. Once someone tells you where it is, all you have to do is to follow and learn.


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