Thursday, August 5, 2010

Product Review: Secure Drive Erase

Are you SURE that your deleted files have REALLY been DELETED?

Do you want to protect yourself from corporate data thieves, blackmail and identity theft?

Hence if you're selling your computer, throwing away a hard drive, or ditching that company server, here are a few urban myths you really MUST know:

* Deleting a file DOES NOT get rid of it!
* Emptying the Recycle Bin DOES NOT erase files!
* Formatting a drive DOES NOT erase your data!
* Repartitioning a drive DOES NOT erase your data!

Now, over the past year, I've been using one tool to help ensure that ALL of my deleted files are gone - FOR GOOD. It's not about being naughty and trying to cover any tracks, but it's just that sometimes I've too many files in my computer, and it seems to slow the whole system down. So I went to search for soft wares that can erase these files permanently.

I've only tried one other similar software before and that is East-Tech Eraser, and I felt that it was quite expensive so I stopped using it.

I then found Secure Drive Erase, and it's a nifty little software tool that helped me DELETE files from my hard disk, as well as removing all of the "undelete" information in my PC.

It's methods are approved by the US Department of Defense (DOD) *and* the National Security Agency,as well, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

So here's my review about the product!

What's so good about Secure Drive Erase?
1) Secure Drive Erase is a powerful deletion tool, which can erase your files, folders and “undelete” data on your hard disk – in just minutes.

2) It can wipe your hard disk using routines five times stronger than those recommended by the National Security Agency.

3) Whether you’re selling your computer, getting rid of an old hard drive, or ditching your server, you need to be sure that your personal and confidential records are kept secure – or you could face fines, identity theft, blackmail and total corporate failure.

With Secure Drive Erase, this never even becomes a problem. Just a couple of clicks and ALL of your deleted files are erased – for GOOD.

4) The best part is that you can download this software for a free trial
Download your copy - at ZERO COST - today, from:

5) It's usually priced at around $27. Still cheaper than other data deletion softwares though...

For my readers on this post, you can however click here to purchase it at the fantastic price of $20!

What's not good about Secure Drive Erase?
1)You may need to work around the interface to understand the full usage. Perhaps this is also because I was used to East Tech Eraser, so when I saw that the interface was quite basic, I felt lost.

2) I thought that the programme might be quite slow to start up, so do manage your expectations.

3)It's quite a dangerous tool to be in the hands of beginners. SO read the instructions properly before attempting to delete your data. I nearly deleted my C drive!

4) This is not designed to wipe browser history, hence there are no direct clearing functions.

What's can be improved about Secure Drive Erase?
1)If only it's S$20 instead of US$! but then again, the price is fairly low for such a robust product.

2)Perhaps it could be upgraded and integrated with browser cleaning software so as to support direct browser history cleaning functions. There are definitely other softwares that can help, but to have a all-in-one software would be good.

This software is good in deleting files permanently and wiping slack. If you want to get a software that can wipe internet browsing tracks, you may have to source for others.
Nonetheless, it is still a good buy at this price, and I'm not sure how long the discount would last for, so i recommend that you head over to this link now...
Buy at $20 from this link below

OK, that's all for now, and I'll be reviewing more products over the next few months, so watch out for more great products!


Chew Mark

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