Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Winning or Losing Important?

Is Winning or Losing Important? Yes, I think winning is important because it gives people that motivation to strive towards more progress.

You see, I was walking towards my office this morning when I heard an educator from a neighbouring child care centre teaching her students.

From what I infer, they were probably playing games and one of them felt angry that she had lost. So the educator said, "Children, in life, it's not important about winning and losing, what's more important is that we have?"

She probably wanted them to say, "fun" but it was definitely not "fun" for them. The disappointed look on their faces probably shocked her and she added, "erm... I guess you're not having fun, so let's stop the game."I wanted to stop her because in my opinion, she was teaching them the wrong values.

Was she a loser in life? Or was she a loser having fun in life? That can't be the case right? Because everyone wants to be a winner. And one should never kill that winning passion from any one!

The right values should be, "Learn From Your Mistakes, and Improve Your Game"


Chew Mark, Basic PLUS Author


  1. This very true Mark! As a former competitive shooter, one should never hide the winning instinct. We should remove the "loser" filter!!


  2. Agreed Linus! Remove the "loser" filter and fit it with a winning mindset!