Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Hunting Dog and The Rabbit

Though I've heard this story once, I must add that it impacted me only after a 2nd person shared it. I then shared it with a friend today...

Here it goes...

One day a hunter was out hunting with his hunting dog, and they spotted a rabbit. Immediately, the hunting dog was dispatched to hunt the rabbit down and bring it back.

The hunting dog chased the rabbit across the grass patch, over the hills and the valleys, and still could not catch up with the rabbit. Eventually the rabbit disappeared into a burrow.
The hunting dog went back with its tail between its legs and was lambasted by its owner. “You’re supposed to be a hunting dog and you failed?!!!”

The hunting dog replied, “I was running after my next meal. But the rabbit was running for its life”

Think about it... Are you doing something that requires you to run for your life, or are you doing something that you only running for your next meal?

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Love this story, very meaningful.
    How did you manage to find it?
    I'll backlink u for this post! =)